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Remote Enrichment

To ensure that students are continuing to receive a broad and stimulating curriculum, the school has
adapted our Enrichment provision to be accessed remotely. This page provides details about
extra-curricular activities with which students can engage. These range from independent tasks with
resources for students to complete in their free periods, to weekly live sessions.

A weekly list will also be updated on pupils’ Year Group Pastoral Google Classroom Pages. Students
will be able to find details on joining ‘live’ sessions and club-specific Google Classroom pages. If you
have any questions about the Enrichment provision, please contact Mr Shahar at

  • Chess Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Community Craft Club
  • Film Club
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Music: Online Instrumental Lessons
  • Music: Remote Ensemble
  • PE
  • Photography
  • Poetry and Spoken Word
  • Science Newsletter

Chess Club

Whether you’ve played for years, or picked it up after watching that show on Netflix, now is your
chance to lay claim to the title of Leytonstone’s Grandmaster. Ms Brown and Mr Lyall will be running a
club on Please get in touch at if you would like to get

Creative Writing

Join Ms Shofoluwe every week to write and share your stories based on a given prompt. We’ll break
down the prompt, come up with our own responses and you can even have the chance to edit my
stories! Let your creativity flourish every Tuesday at 15:10 on Zoom. Please email to get involved.

Community Craft Club

Every two weeks Ms Kenward and the Technology department will be posting a different community
themed craft challenge! You can take on the fortnightly challenges by baking, sewing, painting,
decorating and more. Whatever you like to make and whatever your craft of choice, this is your
chance to share your art and celebrate our diverse community with craft lovers alike. All staff and
students welcome! Find these on your Year Group Google Classrooms.

Film Club

Whether you’re a film enthusiast or not, film club is a space for fun, laughter and analysis of some of
the best films this century. Most of us are already avid Netflix users, and we want all our students to
have access. With a weekly review of each film we view, will publish our thoughts and rate the films
we watch. A nice taster of what studying GCSE Film Studies will be like, if you choose it.
If you think this is something you are interested in, Ms Williams will be running a virtual film on
Fridays, to find out more information please email putting Film Club
in the subject bar.

Mathematical Thinking

The Maths department will be posting weekly activities to stretch your thinking beyond what’s taught
in lessons. This could be code-breaking, number puzzles, logic games and many more! Find these in
your Maths Google Classrooms.

Music: Online Instrumental Lessons

Learn to play an instrument from a music specialist! After a long wait, instrumental lessons with Music
Service have started again. For all pupils that signed up for Spring Term, you will find your timetable
on the Music Service Lessons Google Classroom. If you have any questions or if you would like to
sign up for lessons in the Summer Term, please email:

Music: Remote Ensemble

After the 2020 hit staff cover of ‘You Gotta Be’, Mr Edwards is back to produce a piece recorded by
students. If you would like to get involved, please email
This is aimed at all pupils who would like to play some music. You will be required to learn your part
and record yourself playing to a backing track. Mr Edwards will then stitch everyone's performances
together into a virtual ensemble. Here's an example:


A set of fun challenges posted by the PE department for you to complete. Do this in your own time
and submit your entries to your GC assignment. Who can get the top score in the year?


Frame and capture the perfect moment using your phone’s camera with Ms Higginson! Open to all
KS3 students and staff who have an interest. The sessions will be short, prerecorded looms with
creative challenges to do over the week on your own or with your families. Examples are; colour
walks, the rule of thirds, creative selfies, special places and portraiture. Keep an eye out on your
Pastoral Page for details on how to join.

Poetry and Spoken Word

Geek-out over poetry with Ms Letson and Ms McQuaid every Friday at 9am. The spoken word and
poetry club is for any student who believes in the power of words to change the world. Primarily, we
want to achieve self-expression and enhance our literacy through the writing and performance of
poetry. We’ll read, write, and perform our poems, as well as enjoy videos of iconic performances of
the spoken word art form.
Through this work, we want to share our lives with one another. Because of this, we have a basic
ground-rule that guides our time together: no 'isms. (no racism, sexism, etc.) Our aim is to be a
community founded on the principle of mutual respect. We don't always agree with one another, but
we are open to seeing the world through another's eyes. We recognise that each one of us has a
unique and valuable set of life experiences that inform the way we see the world. Please get in touch

Science Newsletter

Learn about the latest developments and explore the major misconceptions in Science with the
Atomic Science newsletter. The Atomic Science newsletter was created by Leytonstone students, for
Leytonstone students. Our vision is to instil a love of science and educate all in matters of science in
the wider world. Each month's edition will have a specialised theme and will be released at the start of
each month on your Year Group. Any questions or comments, please contact Ms Mahamud at