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Our Curriculum



We see it as our responsibility to empower every pupil at Leytonstone School with a broad range of skills, schema and characteristics to excel in their educational journey and in the life which lies beyond school.

We aim to create an educational environment in which all pupils can become accomplished, confident and creative young people. We also aim for them to have a capacity for leadership and the ability to excel in learning, both now and in the future.

Resilience when faced with challenge, is crucial to ensuring our pupils flourish.

The structure of the formal, pastoral and enrichment curricula at Leytonstone School make a fundamental contribution to these aims and seek to provide a broad and balanced education for young people.

The enriching curriculum at Leytonstone School is fully inclusive from Year 7 to Year 11. It is owned by all stakeholders through a process of thorough evaluation of its implementation and impact.

Please find our draft Curriculum policy below for further detail.



The curriculum encompasses everything you learn at Leytonstone School. This includes your lessons, home learning, assemblies, extra-curricular activities and activities in the playground. In doing so, we empower you with a broad range of skills, knowledge and characteristics to excel in your future education.

As you review our curriculum, you will find that we teach a broad range of subjects. We want you to discover your passions, enjoy learning and feel confident in who you are and who you want to be.

You will make mistakes. But you learn from them. This is crucial to every learning experience.  As a school, we expect that you are supported and guided by your peers, teachers and families, so that learning is a shared and enriching experience.