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Curriculum Choices - FAQ

Do parents need to approve student's choices via the SIMS student portal?

No - there is an icon at the bottom of the choices page which would seem to indicate that parents must approve choices.  We have disabled this, and trust that parents will be discussing and guiding pupils in their GCSE curriculum choices.  Once pupils have saved their selections, they will automatically be entered into our digital system.


If I've spoken to my form tutor, have my choices been entered?

No - all students must make their selections via the SIMS Student Portal. An invitation was sent out from the school via students' school email.  Pupils must register an account and then use that account to make their GCSE selections.  Form tutor conversations took place to help pupils' form their thoughts about their curriculum choices, not to enter their selections.


Can I change my option choice if I've made a mistake?

Yes - until the options period closes on Feb 20, you should be able to log-in and amend or change any of your choices. If you find that you are unable to do this, please email and we can amend the selection for you.


Do I need to choose reserve subjects?

Yes - it is important to choose 3 reserve subjects in each of the curriculum choices areas.  Only choosing 1 option in each area does not increase the likelihood of receiving your first choice, and therefore it is important to add reserves to help guide us should the first choice be unavailable.


How likely will it be that I get my first choice?

Very likely - though we can't guarantee 100% of first choices are given to all pupils, it is very likely that you'll get the subjects that you wish to study.  Sometimes due to a lack of student interest, it is not possible to offer certain courses, which may affect your first choice.  Where it is not possible to grant a first choice, a conversation between the pupil and a senior leader will take place to discuss the most suitable option moving forward.