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Careers and Enrichment Lead: Ms Aga Landowska

Contact details:

020 8988 7420

Careers Coordinator: Laura Middleton

Contact Details:

020 8988 7420

LRC Manager and Careers Support: Ms Anita Naggea

Contact Details:

020 8988 7440

Careers-Link Governor: Ms LIzzieLay


At Leytonstone School careers education is viewed as critical to our young people’s success in raising their aspirations and ensuring they are able to become the very best version of themselves they can be. Leytonstone School is committed to providing students with high quality, independent advice and guidance with regards to careers, further and higher education and future life choices.

What Students Experience 

Key Stage 3 students are aware of careers stereotypes and of their own personal attributes. They have special assemblies, enterprise days, and speakers from the real world of work and Further & Higher Education, team-building activities and support and guidance when selecting GCSE options. Pupils will also have the opportunity to begin action planning for further education, as well as accessing labour market information through an online platform to prepare all students for post-secondary success in academics, careers and life.

Key Stage 4 students have a deeper understanding of possible pathways post-16 and develop their career management skills, through specific tailored lessons and experiences. In addition to developing action plans through an online platform, they have opportunities to visit careers fairs, Further & Higher Education establishments and encounters with a range of employers, as well as support with applications, interviews and planning. They visit careers fairs and FE awareness events, apprenticeship workshops. We also have visits from alumni, post-16 providers and employers. Year 10 students will have the opportunity to spend up to two days work shadowing experience placement and all students leave with the ability to make decisions about destinations and future pathways.

Provider Policy Statement

Date updated: January 2024


High-quality careers education and guidance at Leytonstone School is critical to young people’s futures. It provides a clear understanding of the world of work, including the routes to jobs and careers they might find engaging and rewarding. It supports them in acquiring self-development and career management skills to achieve positive employment destinations. This will help pupils to choose pathways, improve their life opportunities and contribute to a productive economy. 

As the number of apprenticeships rises yearly, it becomes increasingly important that all young people understand all the options available post-16, including more comprehensive technical education options such as T-Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications.


Our school has a policy statement explaining how we manage requests from education and training providers who want to access our pupils to provide information about their programs. This policy outlines the procedures for making requests, why requests may be granted or refused, and the specific premises or facilities available to approved visitors.

Leytonstone School endeavours to ensure that all pupils are aware of all routes to higher skills and can access information on technical options and apprenticeships (The Department of Education, July 2021: “Baker Clause”: supporting pupils to understand the full range of education and training options, and the Provider Access Legislation, January 2023).

Pupils entitlement.

 All our pupils are entitled to the following: 

  • To learn about technical education in qualifications and apprenticeship opportunities as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point. 

  • To hear from a range of local providers about their opportunities, including technical education and apprenticeships – through focused open events, including career fairs, educational visits, and events.

  • To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses, 

  • Explain what career routes those options could lead to 

Opportunities for access

Several events integrated into the school careers programme will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils or their parents


Our safeguarding policy outlines the school’s procedure for checking the identity and suitability of visitors. This sets out the school’s approach to allowing providers into school as visitors to talk to our pupils. Education and training providers are expected to adhere to this policy. 

Please click on our Careers Policy:  Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Statement 

Baker Clause Policy Statement Baker Clause Policy Statement

Partnership with External Providers and Stakeholders

We aim to provide our pupils with meaningful interactions with employers to help them discover and pursue their career aspirations. By connecting our talented pupils with employer partners, we hope to offer them valuable insights, support, and opportunities for their future career paths.

If you want to inspire the next generation, you can get involved in various ways. Depending on your availability, you could give a short talk, help with mock interviews, or offer a work experience placement. It doesn't matter if you're an ex-pupil, a local professional, or simply passionate about your work - we welcome your contribution. If this sounds like you, please contact us via

Pupils’ Resources

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a helpful tool for researching future job opportunities in the local area, understanding the skills required for specific roles, and predicting future employment demand. LMI breaks down the complex world of work by providing information on various careers, entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries, required skills and qualifications, and more. 

LMI is particularly important for young people as it covers future job demands and the necessary skills for those jobs after leaving school. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, LMI helps demystify the job market, making career planning, job hunting, career progression, and changing careers less confusing. With this information, individuals can make informed choices and plan accordingly.

Waltham Forest Labour market information 

Explore the job market and job options more with Skillsometer

Careerometer - compare working hours and average wages of jobs roles in the Uk

Guide to choosing your option 

16 + Choices 

Explore your future

Explore jobs by subject areas

Find an apprenticeship 

Work Experience

Work Experience takes place in the week before October half term for pupils in year 11. The school values work experience and supports pupils in finding appropriate placements to support their careers education.  

We encourage pupils to find placements they are interested in the process of approaching an employer in a professional manner is important in building confidence in dealing with adults with whom they are unfamiliar and so pupils are encouraged to attempt to find their own placements where possible. Of course it will be more difficult for them to establish contact with employers in certain sectors and in such cases the school is ready to offer them assistance. 

Pupils will meet with Ms Landowska, who will discuss what type of work experience would be beneficial according to each pupil’s aspirations and interest. Pupils are encouraged to research what type of work experience suits them, and further guidance will be offered on contacting employers for work placements.

In most cases the allocation of work experience placements will relate to the eventual career the pupil intends to pursue, though a worthwhile time can be had exploring another option if the pupil is unsure of what they want to do. 

There are generic learning outcomes to be gained from any work experience as pupils will learn the differences between school and work, have reinforced the need for reliability and punctuality and practise interacting with a variety of people.

Work Experience Guide