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Year 8-11 Reopening Update

Year 8-11 Reopening Update

Re: Pupils returning to Leytonstone School - updates

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are very much looking forward to safely welcoming back all our pupils this week. I hope you have been able to keep up with all the information which has come your way. If you are worried that you may have missed a communication, please check the ‘News and Events’ section of the school website .


We thought it would be useful to outline the school’s expectations regarding pupil use of PPE, specifically face masks/ visors.

Any pupil who arrives at school wearing PPE must remove it prior to entry. Pupils must sanitise their hands before and after removing their PPE. They must then place their PPE in a sealed plastic bag – not in the pocket of their blazer.

Pupils are permitted to wear PPE if they wish when they are in communal areas of the school at break and lunch times. Training on how to do this safely will take place this week in registration time. Pupils who do not maintain appropriate and safe protocols for the wearing of PPE will be reminded of these instructions.

Covid-19 testing

Please be reminded that if a pupil displays symptoms indicating a potential Covid-19 infection, they will be placed in isolation and parents or carers will be called to come and collect the child. You will be advised to book your child in for a Covid-19 test – the school will not be testing pupils on-site. You will then keep your child at home until the results of the test have come through, even if your child’s symptoms disappear. If the test is positive, please isolate your child for 14 days. If the test is negative, please send your child back into school when they are feeling better.

Parent Pay

Part of the school’s response to reducing the spread of infection now includes not handling cash – we are now a cashless school. All pupils who pay for their lunches will need credit on their accounts ready for break time on the day they begin school. If you need any technical support in using your Parent Pay account, please contact your child’s Head of Year and we will swiftly assist you.

PE kits

We have made the decision that when pupils have PE on their timetables, they will need to wear their PE kits to school. This is because attempting to deep clean changing rooms and PE equipment between lessons is not workable for the school at present. We are committed to ensuring that pupils are taught the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle, hence why weekly PE lessons have been protected on the curriculum – despite the inconvenience. We will review the effectiveness of this arrangement over the first four weeks of school and will keep you informed of any changes.

Please be reminded that pupils should all be arriving to school with a bottle of water to help keep them hydrated during the day.

If you have any comments or questions about the safe re-opening of the school, please get in touch. The school’s full risk assessment for re-opening will be on the school website from noon on Tuesday 8th September.


Yours faithfully,


J McQuaid

Head Teacher