Parent’s Association

Friends of Leytonstone School


Friends of Leytonstone School (FOLS), is the school PTA. Every parent/carer is automatically a member and anyone else who wants to support Leytonstone School is very welcome to join us.

We meet every month to discuss how best we can support the school, parents/carers and our community. FOLS is also an excellent opportunity to forge links with other parents and the school, which is often so much harder at secondary level than at primary school. For instance, the school sometimes uses FOLS to consult with parents on whole school issues such as, homework.


A crucial aim of FOLS is to bring parents/carers together both in social settings. For example, our very popular quiz evenings but also for support sessions. Previously we have organised evenings on ‘helping your child’s reading’ and ‘understanding your teenager’. We are open to any suggestions you may have for future support sessions.

FOLS encourage you to support us in supporting our school and our children and each other – you can commit as little or as much time as you are able and there is no obligation to attend every meeting.

Fundraising and Achievements

As you are probably aware, school budgets are becoming increasingly stretched and one of FOLS’ aims is to organise and plan fundraising events. Currently, we are focussing on supporting literacy and providing new books for the school library. Reading is important and at the heart of encouraging students to read is the school library – a place full of facts and dreams, ideas and fantasy, history and future bringing a young person’s imagination to life and their understanding to achievement. If you would like to donate to our cause please contact us.

Other recent achievements through FOL’s fundraising include:

  • The annual school camp
  • The successful Girls’ Football Team tours
  • Sports day travel
  • Modern language software
  • Dictionaries in every classroom

We also act as ambassadors for the school both at events and in primary schools – please say hello to us!

If you would like to get in touch with the PTA please contact:

Naoise McGeer via school reception on 020 8988 7420 OR email us at