Work Experience

Work experience takes place for two weeks in the Spring Term of all Year 10 students.

Leytonstone School believes that Work Experience is a valuable part of a young person’s education. It not only gives an insight into the World of Work: its realities, expectations and demands; but also further develops confidence, communication skills, organisation and presentation. We hope that a student returning from Work Experience will have a more mature attitude and be better prepared to get the most out of the remaining months of compulsory education.  In addition to this, a clearer idea of how s/he wants to progress after leaving school.

Students are shown how select placements offered by the agency we use for arranging placements (BEP). Students choose placements from the online database which parents/carers must also agree to by signing your son/daughter’s completed choice form.

Students also have the opportunity to find a placement for themselves, however this cannot be working directly with a close family member. The placement must have the appropriate insurance and be inspected for health and safety by the BEP or the school prior to the student placement.

The process for finding a placement begins in the September of Year 10, although students are given advice on how to look for their own placements before they break for the summer vacation in Year 9.

If you have any questions at any time, please speak to our Careers team – Mr Barks and Ms Naggea via our school switchboard on 020 8988 7420.