The School Day

Leytonstone School operates a one week timetable structure, which means all students will have the same timetable every week throughout the whole year. Each day consists of a morning registration, five lessons, a break time and lunchtime.


8.30am: Students are expected to arrive by this time. This will allow students to have a mentoring session with their form tutor if they are due to have one, or maybe eat breakfast at the canteen before their registration takes place.

8.40am: Registration begins. If students arrive at school after this time they are classed as late and will receive a detention. Year groups may also have an assembly in the main hall. Registrations are important for marking students in the register and discussing any important notices or events.

9.00am: Lesson 1

9.50am: Lesson 2

10.40am: Break Time. Students can speak with friends, go to the library or grab a snack from the canteen.

11.00am: Lesson 3

11.50am: Lesson 4

12.40pm: Lunch Time. Our canteen offers a host of hot and cold meals, salads and desserts, with vegetarian and halal options. We also have a ‘Grab and Go’ kiosk for rolls and drinks for students on the go. There are a host of lunchtime clubs including sessions for homework, ICT, sports or revision and quiet reading in the Library.

1.30pm: Lesson 5

2.20pm: Lesson 6

3.10pm: End of the School Day. Students can either attend after school clubs, revision classes, and sports training or go home to revise and begin homework.