Pupil Parliament

Leytonstone School is extremely active in promoting Student Leadership throughout KS3 and KS4. Two students from each form group in the school are elected every year onto the pupil parliament. The parliament made up of 60 students meets fortnightly to vote and put forward ideas and changes that they would like to see within the school. Most recently the parliament and school council have been working on whole school values and reviewing our current curriculum.

Pupil Parliament Mission Statement
Our aim as the Leytonstone school council and pupil parliament is to enable open, honest and respectful communication between the young people and adults at our school. We want to celebrate the success and hard work of students. We want to uphold the importance of equality throughout the schools varied community. Everything we do is through a democratic process

What pupil parliament discusses affects all of us. Your voice matters to us. If you bring forward ideas we will discuss them because we care about what you have to say.

Use form time effectively – talk to members of our pupil parliament!

Presentations: Leytonstone Pupil Parliament