Prayer Room

Prayer Room

At Leytonstone School students are offered the facilities to pray during lunch times. The prayer club primarily offers facilities for students of the Muslim faith to come and offer their prayers. However, we welcome students of all faiths to come and use the facilities for some quiet reflection. We encourage students to discuss their religious beliefs with a strong emphasis of mutual respect for each other’s faith. On Fridays a special sermon is delivered by a member of staff which is followed by the Friday prayer.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, students can come and spend their lunch time in the prayer room. Most will spend time reciting from the Holy Quran and others will sit and discuss teachings from the sayings of Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him.

We also encourage students assist in the running of the Prayer Club. Various duties include placing and removing the prayer mats before and after the prayer and maintaining the ablution area.

We also organise quizzes and ask some of our older students to support the younger students with their studies and their learning.

For more details regarding the prayer club please contact Mr Ajaib.