Medical Room

The staff at Leytonstone School are committed to providing students with a high quality education whatever their medical need, disability or individual circumstances. We believe all students should have access to as much education as their particular medical condition allows, so that they maintain the momentum of their learning whether they are attending school or going through periods of treatment and recuperation. We promote inclusion and make all reasonable adjustments to ensure that students with a disability, medical need or SEN are not discriminated against or treated less favourably than other students.

Leytonstone School has a staffed medical room in the centre of the site (Sports Centre) which is accessible by all students requiring medical assistance. We have numerous First Aiders placed around the site to assist with injuries and accidents.

In the event of a student becoming unwell and it is believed they should be sent home, the students will get permission from their Head of Year and the staff in the medical room will contact home. The Parent/Carer will be asked to collect their son/daughter or they will agree to be sent home.