Student Services

Media Resources

Our Media Resources department is responsible for all the reprographic (copying and printing) needs of our staff and students, along with providing media materials such as photo and video cameras for lessons. Mrs Nathan is available to students for all … MORE


The LRC provides a rich learning environment for in-class resources along with amenities for after school revision, homework/coursework, quiet study and reading. The LRC is also the school library and is a key resource in supporting the literacy development of … MORE

Prayer Room

At Leytonstone School students are offered the facilities to pray during lunch times. The prayer club primarily offers facilities for students of the Muslim faith to come and offer their prayers. However, we welcome students of all faiths to come … MORE

Medical Room

The staff at Leytonstone School are committed to providing students with a high quality education whatever their medical need, disability or individual circumstances. We believe all students should have access to as much education as their particular medical condition allows, … MORE