Staff List

Senior Staff (SLT)
Ms J. McQuaid Headteacher –
 AA Mr A. Ajaib Senior Assistant Headteacher –
 DSC01419 Ms J. Letson Senior Assistant Headteacher –
 709 Mr B. Hughes Associate Assistant Headteacher –
Mrs M. Hotez Associate Assistant Headteacher –
Creative Arts
Mrs S. Columb Lead Practitioner 
Ms T. Reedy Art
Ms N. McGeer Lead Practitioner, Head of Art
Ms J. Letson Media Studies
Miss J. Westbrook Drama, Head of Year 7
 Mr W. Edwards Music
Ms T. Stimec Head of Music
Ms N. Sabir Head of English
Ms V. Derouaux Literacy Co-ordinator, English
Mrs M. Hotez English, Assistant Headteacher
Ms N. Akuji Lead Practitioner, English
 Mr S. Mills English
Mr J. Stephens English
Ms A. Mohamed English
 Ms M. Shofoluwe English
Ms A. Modan English
Mr B. Hughes Head of Humanities, Assistant Headteacher
Ms N. Ahmed History
Mr T. Conway-Allen RE, Head of Year 9
Ms F. Khaliq Humanities
Ms S. Altay Humanities
Ms S.  Casey Humanities, Head of Sociology and RE
Ms M. Martin Head of Geography
Ms A. Bennett Head of History
ICT/Business Studies
Mr S. Mafique Business Studies
Ms F. Begum Computer Science
Mr M. Hoque Head of Business and Computer Science Faculty
Mr D. Lyall SENCO
Ms H. Abdul Rauf School Counsellor
Ms K. Lika School Counsellor
Mrs J. Banaskiewicz EAL Co-ordinator
Ms A. Bolger HLTA
Ms S. Brewster Teaching Assistant
Ms H. Cole HLTA
Mrs K. Williams HLTA
Mr Z. Leitch Teaching Assistant
Ms M. King SEN Intervention Instructor
 Ms P. Cuberos Moreno Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Phipps HLTA
Miss B. Thomas Child Protection Officer
Mr I. Weir Child Protection Assistant
Mr M. Kersys-Hull Head of Mathematics
Ms E. Lobban Mathematics
 Mr M. Rehman Mathematics
 Mr S. Shaharuddin Mathematics
Mr J. Riley 2ic Mathematics
Mr D. Said Mathematics
Ms A. Sen Mathematics
Mr F. Suleman 2ic Mathematics
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Ms A. Catesson MFL
Dr I. Mallozzi Head of MFL
 Ms A Rollee MFL
Mr J. Sains Head of PE
Miss G. Campbell Head of Year 11, PE
Mr M. Davis Head of Year 10, PE
Mr I. Thompson Head of Year 8, PE
Ms K. Doukani Head of Science
Mr A. Ajaib Assistant Headteacher, Science
Ms M. Mahamud Science
Mrs H. Lawrence Science, PSHE Coordinator
Ms M. Meer 2ic Science
Mr K. Karim Science
Ms K. Doukani 2ic Science
Mr A. Butt Science
Ms R. Begum Science
 Mr E. Imeri 2ic Science
Ms G. Bernotaite Senior Science Technician
 Ms F. Abid Science Technician
Mrs N. Simmons Technology
Mr G. Hameed Technology
Ms G. Bansal Technology
Ms A. Binding Technology
Ms K. Kenward Head of Technology
Ms S. Fayers Technology Technician
Ms R. Ghabaee Technology Technician
Support Staff
Miss L. Nathan Office Manager
Miss M. Brookes Exams Officer
Ms M. Huseyin Headteacher’s PA
Mr B. Donald Welfare & First Aid Assistant/ Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs S. Hameed Finance Officer
 Ms M. Thomas Attendance Officer
Mrs T. Guemar Admin Officer
Mrs L. Lotz Data Manager
Mrs J. Nathan Media Resources Manager
Ms A. Mehmed Receptionist
Miss A. Naggea LRC Co-ordinator
Mr D. Price ICT Manager
 Mr D. Gordon  ICT Technician
Mrs F. Aouane Cover Supervisor
Ms J. Treacher Cover Supervisor
 Ms S. Williams Cover Supervisor
Midday Supervisors
Mr B. Donald Senior Midday Supervisor
Ms S. Akisiboka Midday Supervisor
Miss E. Camacho Midday Supervisor
Mrs S. McAllister Midday Supervisor
Site Services
Mr S. Goffin Site Services Manager
Mr D. Rowan Site Services Officer
Mr M. Norman Site Services Officer
Miss S. Gilling Site Services
Mr J. Goffin Site Services Assistant
Ms D. Sheekey Head Cleaning Operative
Sports Centre
Mr L. Scott Sports Centre Manager