Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Year 7 Catch-up Funding

In 2015-2016, Leytonstone School was allocated £13,500 in funding as part of the Year 7 Catch Up initiative. This funding aims to support students who entered Year 7 with a SAT score of lower than Level 4, to “catch up” to their peers during their first year of secondary education.

What affect has the “catch up premium” had, to date, on the attainment and progress of pupils at Leytonstone School?

2015-2016 we received £13,500.

Strategy Impact Cost £
Purchasing extra licenses for Lexia This has enabled students who entered school below a 4c to take part in the intervention program. Data shows that students make excellent progress on the Lexia programme, with 43% of the students in year 8 making up to 3 sublevels of progress or more. In the first 7 months of the programme over 70% of students on the programme have made significant progress and 12% of students have made more than an entire level of progress already. Recent data also suggests that 48% of the students on Lexia in year 8 have already increased their reading ages by more than 3 years.


Purchasing licences for the Accelerated Reader Programme and additional books Accelerated Reader tracks and monitors student progress through each student’s reading age. Data in our study group shows that on average each student is reading up to 3 books a week. These books are targeted to improve individual students reading ages. We plan to significantly increase the use of Accelerated Reader to capitalise on the reading gains made.




Student Mentoring in the SENCO department and TA support This has helped students with both their confidence and emotional literacy; tackling key barriers to their learning and help building resilience around reading. Students have also made impressive strides in their reading and writing curriculum levels as students who entered with level 3 and 4 have all made at least one full level of progress in both their reading and writing assessments. £5458.00
Literacy Interventions including resources Most of these are based within the classroom and support students reading through use of: Literacy Mats, marking for literacy in all subjects across the curriculum, explicit and pre teaching of key terms for each unit in each subject and the creation of time to read for pleasure in the school day, during registration and at the start of the school day for example.




Total Spend 2015-2016   £13,541


The impact of the year 7 catch-up funding is evaluated through monitoring student progress via the school’s data and assessment tracking systems. National Curriculum levels and progress in Reading Ages were analysed for patterns and trends. Support was adapted at termly intervals where appropriate, in order to meet individual student’s needs.


In 2014-2015 we received £9,000 funding

Strategy: Accelerated Reader (AR) Start up Impact Cost £
Set up of Accelerated Reader English Staff have been trained in how to use AR effectively and how to read AR data to ensure accurate monitoring of students. AR books have been labelled with correct ZPD levels and login detail have been issued to students. A rota has also been established for students to actively read in English lessons and in the library where they can take both Start Tests (baseline tests) and AR quizzes. Tests have shown 4 classes on average had increased their reading ages by at least 2 years over 3 months. £3795
Purchase of licences Licences purchased for year 7 as a pilot year group. Success has meant that in 2015-16 the new year 7 cohort also use AR. £2588
Purchase of books The library has been stocked with AR books and these have been organised into relevant ZPD levels. AR books are regularly monitored to ensure we are up to date with the latest titles and students are actively reading challenging and more interesting books. Library records show since AR has been introduced year 7s have been more engaged in reading with boys reading up to 190 more books than the previous year. £4628
Staff training English Staff have been trained to use the AR software and are well prepared to deliver the programme to year 7 and 8 students. English staff training will be reviewed again later in the following academic year to ensure the English staff at Leytonstone school are up-to-date with any new changes to AR and can evaluate the impact of key AR interventions for the students. £3200
Total spend 2014-2015   £14,211