Strategic Direction

Leytonstone School – first choice in local area

Student Outcomes: Good Progress and Narrowing the gap

1. Good Progress


  • 75% students make 3 levels of progress in all subjects – KS4
  • 50% of students make 4 levels of progress in all subjects – KS4
  • 65% of students achieve 5 A-C including English and Maths – KS4
  • 30% of students achieve EBACC A*- C – KS4
  • 15% of students achieve 3 A*/A – KS4

KS3 2 levels of progress 60%.

2. Behaviour/Attendance/Punctuality


  • Attendance 96%
  • Punctuality – less than 25 students late to school per day
  • Fixed term exclusions reduced by 50% from 2014 figure

Consistent behaviour policy in place in all classrooms.

3. Student Voice


  • Highly effective school council in place with structure for a wider student voice.

4. Equity


  • Gap closing rapidly between different groups.

Teaching and Learning: Consistently good

5. Learning

Literacy, Language, Reading, Oracy, Independence, Differentiation.


  • All SoLs reflect excellent planning for progress for all students
  • All students are actively engaged in learning
  • Rich questioning a feature of all SoLs and lessons
  • Differentiation fully embedded in all lessons
  • Consistent behaviour management in all classrooms support good learning

All teachers understand what good and outstanding teaching and learning looks like.

6. Teaching


  • 75% of lessons good
  • 15% of lesson outstanding

10% needs to improve lessons.

7. Literacy


  • Reading culture in school launched and being embedded
  • All teachers know how to address reading needs

Programme of effective interventions with those whose reading ages are behind their actual age.


8. Leadership


  • Teachers and support staff are consistently good in their leadership roles

Good leadership development across the school.

9. Professional Development


  • Teachers’ professional knowledge and effectiveness improves continuously
  • Performance management is       used effectively to improve classroom practice

All staff access appropriate/high quality CPD.

10. Curriculum


  • The curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure challenge and motivation

The curriculum is personalised to ensure that it meets fully the needs of all students.