Religious Education

Leytonstone Achievements in Religious Education.

Well done to five of our Year 8 students and six of our Year 9 students who have successfully achieved a ‘Gold Award Certificate’ and ‘Medal of Knowledge’ this Spring half term for Religious Education (RE). All of them have worked incredibly hard, proven themselves in their wonderful written work and have contributed immensely in RE lessons.

Year 8 Year 9
Tiffany Grant Hashim Umarji
Jerrell Singh Alin Sirboiu
Jayden Tran Rakeeba Miah
Elena-Alexandra Dragmirescu Sahaadat Ghani
Danielius Tamosevicius Hanna Bras-Genfoud
Dumitrita Moruzi

DSC_0341Year 8 are currently learning about the Jewish faith, Judaism. Some of their fantastic work has been chosen for display in the schools main block. Alongside this excellent work, we get an insight into the beliefs of some members of staff.


Year 8 Awards For Excellence in Religious Education – Spring 2016

Sidal Kaya 20160324_094240
Hasan Khan 20160324_094447
Stefani Petrova 20160324_095005
Qurat Ul-Ayen Arshad Mahmood
Jasbir Hanspal


Year 9 are currently learning about Science and Religion and how the principles, facts and beliefs both clash and compliment in this modern world.

Watch This Space:
* End of Spring Term ‘Special Award’ during students achievement assemblies.
* Year 9 ‘Science & Religion’ display in the main block.
* Year 9 homework booklet available after the Spring half term holiday.


During Key Stage 3, students deepen their understanding of Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism in a local, national and global context. They extend their understanding of important beliefs, concepts and issues of truth in religion and apply their understanding of religious and philosophical beliefs, teachings and practices to a range of ultimate questions and moral issues, with a focus on relationships, rights and responsibilities.

They carefully reflect upon the impact of religion in the world, considering both the importance of inter-faith dialogue but also the tensions which exist within and between religions. They interpret religious texts and other sources, skilfully recognising both the power and limitations of language and other forms of communication in expressing ideas and beliefs.

They enquire into, and explain, some personal, philosophical, theological and cultural reasons for similarities and differences in religious beliefs and values, both within and between religions. They develop their evaluative skills, showing reasoned and balanced viewpoints when considering religious and spiritual issues.

Years 7 & 8

Studying Religious Education (RE) is compulsory at Leytonstone School in KS3. Students will attend one lesson a week. In Year 7 an introduction to RE unit is taught through PSHE.

Students study the five principal religions:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Sikhism
  4. Judaism
  5. Buddhism

Across all religions, we look at their history, the life and teaching of its leaders i.e. the birth, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus, the teaching of Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak and Buddha and we relate them to our modern lives. Students may get to visit local places of worship.

Students are always set homework, which helps to develop their individual learning. Where necessary, students are required to use the Internet to research further.

Year 9

Year 9 follow the WJEC (GCSE Religious Studies B). They look at the moral values and responsibilities from different religious perspectives i.e. how to look after the earth (stewardship). They will be using the Religion and Life issues textbook in their studies.

Students who opt to study RE at GCSE stage will move on to look at human experiences and religion.

Students can opt to study a ‘short course’ or a ‘full course’. Students who opt for the ‘short course’ will sit 50% of the course in Y9/10 with an exam at the end of Y10. Those who study the ‘full course’ will go on to study the remaining 50% of the course in Y11.

Books used for these courses:

  • Year 7 & 8: The Christian, Muslim, Sikhs & Buddhist experience
  • Year 9: Religion and life issues