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In Year 7 & 8 all students study History for 2 periods (two hours) per week, in Year 9 this is then reduced to 1 period (one hour) per week. The students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups and the aim is to build on the skills covered in Years 7 & 8. The teaching syllabus follows the National Curriculum and has three broad aims:

  • To have clear chronological knowledge
  • To develop historical enquiry skills
  • To study a variety eras and events
  • To communicate knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways

Topics covered at KS3 include:

  • Causes, Events and Effects of World War 1
  • Causes, Events and Effects of World War 2
  • Challenging the Church’s Authority; the long slow move to a secular society;
  • Dictatorship; the rule of Kings (case studies the impact of Anglo Saxon & Viking immigration; the gradual decline of the power of the monarch and growth of parliament; (Case studies on Battle of Hastings, Magna Carta & King John)
  • Growth, successes and challenges for the British Empire (case studies include Abolition of slavery and the 1856 Indian Mutiny),
  • Holocaust and the rise of problems in the Middle East.
  • Immigration to the UK (case study of post 1945)
  • The battle for equality (case studies include women’s rights, suffrage, and Civil Rights in the USA)
  • The ‘Golden Age ‘ of Elizabeth the 1st
  • The push for democracy; Reform & improvement of the condition of people in Britain

During KS3 students will make an option decision about whether to continue to with History at GCSE.

Assessment Objective Descriptors Y7

Assessment Objective Descriptors Y8

KS3 Teaching Schedule – HIST

KS3 Teaching Schedule – RS

Year 7 AO Descriptors Year 8 AO Descriptors


Subject Name Syllabus Examination Board
History 9045 AQA

In KS4 students study “Modern World History” which covers the 20th Century. Topics that are covered include:

  • Russia 1914-1924: Causes of both revolutions in 1917, the Civil War and the Establishment of USSR
  • Germany 1929 – 39: Rise of Hitler, Hitler’s Germany
  • Civil Rights in 50s: Segregation in the 50s, Methods of protest in the 60s, Impact of Martin Luther King
  • International Relations 1945 – 1980: Causes of World War 2, Causes and development of the Cold War

All students will also complete a Controlled Assessment on Britain in World War 1 & 2

Why this subject is important?

It equips students with the knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. It shows students how this world has developed and changed over time, about different countries around the world and important individuals who have helped shape it.

What skills will I use?

The skills learnt in History will help in all manner of professions. These skills include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of sources
  • Research, causation and analysis of events
  • Independent research
  • Essay-writing techniques
  • Evaluation and analysis of evidence
  • Discussion and debating techniques

What are the coursework requirements and when must it be completed?

The Controlled assessment which is worth 25% of the final grade will take place during the Summer Term in Year 10 and the autumn term in Year 11. This assessment is made up of 2 questions:

Q1Developing the skill of interpretation
Q2Looking at the utility of sources

How will the final grade be awarded?

  • Students undertake 2 GCSE exams (75% of final mark) at the end of Year 11
  • Controlled assessment (25% of final mark)

Any extra-curricular activities?

Students are able to access the History Departments after school clubs. There are also Educational Visits organised throughout the year to enhance learning.

Progression – careers and further study

Many students continue to study History at ‘A’ level.  Examples of careers where these subjects would be useful particularly include the Media, Law, Journalism and Teaching.

GCSE Resources

Year 11 Programme of Study


memory booklet

Course Content Audit RAG

  • GCSE Modern World History – Ben Walsh ISBN 07195 77136
  • Essential World History – Ben Walsh ISBN 07195 77152
  • The USA between the Wars 1919 – 1942 SHP in depth study ISBN 07195 52591
  • Germany 1918 – 1945 SHP in depth study ISBN 978 07195 7059 – 9
  • The USA : A Divided Union – N de Marco ISBN 05824 73853

If you need further advice, who should students speak to?

Any History Teacher.