Business Studies

Subject Name Syllabus Examination Board
Business Studies GCSE 4133 AQA

This course is concerned with understanding the nature of business.  The syllabus covers the following main business areas:

  • Setting Up A Business
  • Growing a Business
  • Investigating Business

Why this subject is important?

This course will enable students to examine how enterprising ideas are put into place, developed and organised. They will also explore how businesses and enterprises expand and grow to meet potential higher demand for their goods or services. Students will investigate and develop a wide range of entrepreneurial skills which can be explored and applied through the work they complete.

What skills will students use?

  • Analysis & evaluation of work completed
  • Enterprising skills in relation to Business
  • Group Work
  • ICT using various software applications
  • Research, investigation and independent thinking

What are the coursework requirements and when must it be completed?

There is one Controlled Assessment worth 25 % of the final grade.

How will the final grade be awarded?

  1. Examination 40% (Topic – Setting Up A Business)
  2. Examination 35 % (Topic – Growing a Business)
  3. Controlled Assessment 25% (Investigating Business)

Any extra-curricular activities?

  • Coursework clubs
  • Educational visits to Business Organisations
  • Guest speakers

Progression – careers and further study

Many students go onto to study Business Studies, Economics, Law, Accounts at A-Level and then progress to University.

If you need further advice, who do you speak to?

Any Business Studies teacher