KS3 In Years 7 to 8 students have two lessons of Design and Technology each week and are taught in colour groups. The first lesson will use food and textiles as the design materials, the second lesson will allow students … MORE

Business Studies

Subject Name Syllabus Examination Board Business Studies GCSE 4133 AQA This course is concerned with understanding the nature of business.  The syllabus covers the following main business areas: Setting Up A Business Growing a Business Investigating Business Why this subject … MORE

Computing & ICT

KS4 Subject Name Syllabus Examination Board GCSE ICT (Single Award) 21T01 Edexcel GCSE ICT (Double Award) 21T02 Edexcel ICT is a very popular GCSE subject. This GCSE ICT qualification features up-to-date ideas related directly to the world of technology and … MORE


We believe that Drama is essential to the positive development of students and endeavour to tailor schemes of work to suit all of their needs in each class.  We place much emphasis on moral, personal and social development, as well … MORE

English Language and Literature

We are a vibrant subject area that focus on delivering the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to support students in their English lessons as well as helping to support them in their learning across the whole school. We strive … MORE


Music allows you to further develop your creative thinking, self-esteem and confidence. KS3 During KS3, students explore the different styles and periods of music from 1800’s to the 21st Century. They also learn musical terminology and develop listening skills. In … MORE

Physical Education

KS3 Students receive one double lesson of Physical Education each week throughout KS3.  It is taught in mixed ability and single sex groups (unless specified). Why this subject is important? Each student has the opportunity to: Experience a wide range … MORE


KS3 Students receive four 1 hour lessons of science every week in Year 7, three in Year 8 and four in Year 9. Our science programme sets out to enhance and develop scientific skills so that our students are able … MORE


KS3 French is taught for two lessons per week in Year 7, 8 and 9. Teachers incorporate a variety of software and resources to deliver varied, fun and interactive lessons covering a broad selection of subjects. Those include greetings, numbers … MORE


KS3 In Year 7 & 8 all students study History for 2 periods (two hours) per week, in Year 9 this is then reduced to 1 period (one hour) per week. The students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups … MORE


Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live. Geography informs us about: The places and communities in which we live and work Our natural environments and … MORE

Food Technology

KS3 In Years 7 to 8 students have two lessons of Design and Technology each week and are taught in colour groups. The first lesson will use food and textiles as the design materials, the second lesson will allow students to … MORE

Art & Design

Art aims to develop students’ creative and imaginative ability from Year 7 up to Year 11; equipping students with the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in are, craft and design. Students will investigate and research … MORE


Mathematics Mathematics is a universal language. We use it daily, whether we realise it or not, in both our personal life and at work. By studying mathematics, students gain an essential life skill which they will take with them as … MORE

Media Studies

Media Studies is available for students at KS4. Subject Name Syllabus Examination Board Media Studies 4810 AQA Introduction The mass media plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society, providing information and entertainment, shaping attitudes and social values. This course … MORE


Not all subjects studied at Key Stage 4 lead to an examination.  This however does not distract from their importance.  The Government has indicated that there are a number of non-examinable subject areas that should be studied by students in … MORE

Religious Education

Leytonstone Achievements in Religious Education. Well done to five of our Year 8 students and six of our Year 9 students who have successfully achieved a ‘Gold Award Certificate’ and ‘Medal of Knowledge’ this Spring half term for Religious Education … MORE


KS3 Learners studying Textiles will gain opportunities to develop technical skills that they will find valuable throughout their lives. Through Textiles, students can learn, practise and develop a variety of techniques such as Block Printing, Transfer painting and printing, Applique, … MORE


Citizenship education was introduced to enable young people to get involved in their community by looking at different issues that affect society and them as young people. It deals with contemporary issues in the real world. What will I learn? … MORE