Lexia & Accelerated Reader


Literacy for KS3

The benefits of reading and the positive impact of regular reading on achievement in subjects across the curriculum is well documented. In Leytonstone School we aim to foster and maintain a love of reading.

All KS3 English lessons in Leytonstone begin with silent reading and students in Year 7 are regularly timetabled in the library where they have access to Accelerated Reader. Students in Year 7 are tested for their reading age and some are enrolled in the Lexia program to ensure they are KS3 ready.

Every week all students in Year 7, 8, and 9 Drop Everything and Read. During these 15 minutes all KS3 students, and staff, read for pleasure. DEAR is a whole school initiative that aims to promote a love of reading and show students that literacy is crucial across all curriculum subjects.

Accelerated Reader

Year 7 and 8 students are enrolled in the Accelerated Reader online programme. The programme encourages independent reading, helps students choose books and monitors students through quizzes and literacy tests. Accelerated Reader motivate students of all ages to read more, suitably challenging and aims to raise literacy standards for students of all ages and abilities.

Accelerated Reader is linked to a reward programme. Every half term a form is rewarded for their reading through pizza parties, a trip (this year students went to a World Book Day event), book vouchers. Prizes are regularly give in Assemblies for progress in reading, amount read and challenges. Students should aim to read 20 minutes a day. All students at KS3 are expected to have an appropriate reading book as part of their equipment. Many opportunities for reading are provided in school, but it is also important for reading to take place at home.


The Lexia programme is a phonics based software programme that enables students to make progress in their reading and writing skills. Students work at an appropriate level, they are taught in small groups. Lexia provides instant feedback, staff are able to monitor students’progress and diagnose individual areas for intervention. Students receive individual, personalised lessons and intervention that is specific to their needs. Lexia intervention takes place for 20 minutes three times a week.

For a full list of our expenditure and income for Year 7 Catch-Up funding please click below

Year 7 Literacy Income/Expenditure