Extra Curricular

I am delighted to announce our new extra-curricular programme for Autumn 2017. I would like to encourage all of you to put yourself out there and try something new. Our collection of clubs and activities offers a fun way of making new friends, develops your skills and is an opportunity to contribute to the Leytonstone school community. Participating in extra-curricular activities not only supplements your learning in the classroom but will be viewed positively when applying for further education or future employment. This programme shows you what is going on and gives you details of what you might expect this autumn. Some of our clubs are only open to particular year groups so please do check whether these are KS3 or KS4 specific. We truly believe in our programme so expect all of our Year 7s to participate in at least 1 activity per week. You will win house points for your attendance and there will be prizes to be won for outstanding contribution. Lastly, it is important you tell your parents which clubs you plan to attend so they know to expect you home later on those days.

Have fun and try something new,

For full information on the extra curricular clubs we run at Leytonstone School please click the link below:
Leytonstone School Extra Curricular Programme 17/18