Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 Students are registered every morning at 8.40am by their Form Tutor. Once a week the whole Year Group attends assembly and this time is used to share whole-school and Year Group-related messages, to reflect upon attitude and behaviour, to look at issues that affect students personally, within their school life, locally and globally and, once a term, to celebrate the achievements of the Key stage 3 pupils.

During registration students will undertake a variety of activities, these will include silent reading (all students must be prepared by having a reading book). This Form Time activity is practiced in order to develop literacy and reading interests in our students. As regular readers are proved to outperform reluctant readers in all subject areas, to widen vocabulary range, sentence constructions and to improve spelling and punctuation, the school strongly emphasises that pupils must read systematically at home too. Parents can support this by listening to their child read and ensuring they attend school with appropriate reading material. Other form time activities will include work on study skills, debating on a current issue and quizzes, as well as ensuring that students are prepared for their learning by checking equipment and uniform. The school expectation is that all students arrive in school in correct uniform. Hoodies and trainers are banned items of clothing. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. Violation of this rule results in the confiscation of these items.

All year groups in Key Stage 3 follow the National Curriculum and study a broad balance of subjects. In year 7, 8 and 9 there are excellent opportunities for our students to experience new areas of learning such as Food Technology and French; or to catch up on areas in which they are weaker; and for gifted and talented students to take on additional challenges. We strive for our students to become increasingly independent in their learning and set tasks which allow students to develop their independence. The model below shows what the curriculum structure looks like for each year group in KS3.

Subject/lessons per fortnight Year 7 Year 8
English 9 9
Maths 9 9
Science 8 8
History 4 4
Geography 4 4
French 4 4
PE 4 4
Technology Food 2 2
Technology Graphics 2 2
Art 2 2
Drama 2 2
Music 2 2
RE 2 2

Throughout your child’s time with us you will be presented with lots of data that will inform you of the progress that is being made in the various subject areas. It is important that you understand the data so that you know where you can support at home and discuss ways to improve.

When students arrive with us in Year 7 a target level for the end of Key Stage 3 is set. Target grades are based on KS2 results achieved in Year 6. These target levels are reviewed regularly as students are assessed regularly to ensure that progress is being made, and if additional support is required that students receive this. You will be kept regularly informed of your child’s progress. Assessments can take a variety of formats including in class assessment, end of unit/year exams, short knowledge test and application of knowledge and understanding. We aim to ensure that our students are assessed in a variety of ways and that work is always moderated across the department to ensure accuracy in marking.

Homework is set regularly in each subject area and parents should check that homework is completed and sign their child’s diary on a weekly basis. Homework will also be displayed on MILK (which can be accessed from the school website). It is essential that students have their diaries with them every day as notes to parents are often written in diaries and it is important that these are read. The diary also contains other important information and a list of commendations that your child has been awarded.

Emphasis is targeted on positive behaviour, good attendance/punctuality and attainment with a consistent and structured praise and rewards system in place. This may involve positive points, trips, commendations, certificates and letters home.

We emphasise that all students’ punctuality and attendance is vital and that parents arrange, where possible, medical appointments outside of the school day. If students are absent from school for whatever reason, parents should telephone the school office on 0208 988 7425 and provide a written note or appointment card, stating the reason for absence, on the first day of return to school. If a student is late to school they will be given an automatic after school detention that day.

We want all students to excel in Key Stage 3 and achieve excellent levels of progress. This is achieved through hard work both at school and at home. If parents have any concerns regarding subject issues, they’re advised to contact the subject teacher in the first instance, and subsequently, the Head of Department. However, if the concerns affect more than one subject area or are not related to academic issues, then it is appropriate to contact your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year. Through partnership working we will ensure that all students achieve their true potential and beyond.