Good Luck to all our Year 11 Students

17 August 2017

24th of August is the date to collect your GCSE results. All the staff at Leytonstone School would like to wish you luck and hope you get the results you want and deserve! All that hard work will pay off!

September Start Dates

17 July 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

It’s been a wonderful term here at Leytonstone School and I would like to thank you all for your support throughout the academic year. A reminder that as tomorrow is the end of term, we will finish at 1.20 – there will be no period 5. Lunches will be provided for students who would like one.

We have had a range of celebrations over the last few weeks. The PE department organised a fantastic sports day and many new records were set. Well done to all the students who took part and gave their best. It was a wonderful occasion. On Tuesday 12th July, the outgoing year 11 had their Prom event. Check out the website for pictures and updates of the evening.

After a rigorous selection process I am also delighted to announce that our Head Girl and Head Boy for 2016-17 are:

  • Sylvie Noble
  • Jay Shotter

Our deputy head girls and boys are:

  • Dumitrita Moruzi
  • Hanna Bras-Genfoud
  • Owureku Osei Kofi
  • Hassan Razzaq

All will bring real and different strengths to their roles and we very much look forward to the sustainable changes they will help to make to the school.

School starts on Tuesday 5th September for our new year 7 students who we are really looking forward to welcoming back.

Years 8-11 start back on Wednesday 6th September. The school will be open from the 1st September but there are 2 teacher Inset days – on 1st and 4th September.

Results day for year 11 is 24th August from 9.30-11.30 in the main hall.

Finally a reminder that in the new academic year, from September there are a few changes to our school uniform. All students must wear a shirt and tie (no polo shirts at KS4) and also no trainers or boots of any kind are to be worn. Please refer to the previous letter on uniform for a detailed breakdown or the school website for more details. Uniforms can continue to be purchased online form Marks and Spencers or from Victoria in Walthamstow: and

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer.

Yours faithfully,

Grainne Smyth

Uniform and Equipment Expectations for September 2017

14 July 2017

Uniform and Equipment Expectations for September 2017

Visual Guide to Uniform

Students and staff at school have recently voiced their views on how we can improve school uniform. Our school uniform makes all students equal and enables students to express pride in Leytonstone School.

Although many of our students wear uniform perfectly, we are aware that our outdated uniform does not always present the high standards our staff and students maintain. We are therefore clarifying and simplifying our uniform policy. If the changes outlined below create any financial problems for any family, please do contact the school as a matter of urgency. We are happy to support families in ensuring that students look smart and ready for school.

This letter therefore is to clarify the school’s uniform and equipment requirements for the coming academic year 2017/18. The school’s aim is to:

  • Simplify uniform for parents, staff and students so that we will have a much clearer set of guidelines and expectations.
  • Help avoid a number of the variations and confusions that our current uniform policy allows.

In particular we would like to point out expectations for September regarding:

    • Shoes. From September all students will be expected to wear plain leather shoes for school. Trainers of any kind will no longer be acceptable as school uniform from September 2017. Boots of any kind are not to be worn for school. The school regards any footwear that is above the ankle as a boot and this is not part of school uniform. This includes Dr Martin boots and Kickers boots.
  • Polo shirts. Previously Key stage 4 students have been allowed to wear a grey polo shirt and all students to wear a white polo shirt in the summer term. From September no polo shirts will be allowed and students must wear a buttoned white shirt and Leytonstone School tie.


The details for the school uniform are set out below and can also be found on the school website.

School uniform must be worn at all times unless specifically stated so by the school (e.g. non-uniform days or some activities/trips).

(Year 7-11)

  • A black blazer embroidered with the school logo on the right pocket
  • White shirt (long sleeve) with a stiff collar, buttoned to the neck
  • A black, green and gold school tie
  • An optional black V-neck jumper embroidered with the school logo on the right side
  • Black trousers (straight leg only)
  • Skirt (skirts must be at least knee length)
  • Black, polished shoes without any logo or pattern; plimsolls and canvas shoes/trainers of any kind (this includes-Nike Airforce One’s) are not permitted.
  • Black hijab and shalwar kameez are permitted, however, school blazers must still be worn.
  • Students are not permitted to wear makeup
  • Students may only wear one plain ring or a single pair of small stud earring. No other visible jewellery is allowed
  • Only black hair bands may be used
  • Hoodies and non-uniform sports or leisure tops of any kind are banned items; if worn they will be confiscated. Students should instead bring suitable outdoor jackets or coats in plain black that will fit over their blazer. Coats can only be worn over blazers
  • Coats can only be worn in the outdoor spaces around school, and to and from school. Coats cannot be worn in class

In addition, may I remind parents and carers that:

  • Students may bring and use a clear plastic bottle for water only. Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not permitted in school. There are plenty of water fountains for students to refill bottles of water.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in school
  • Mobile phones, mp3 players, headphones and speakers are not permitted anywhere on the school site and will be confiscated if seen.

Leytonstone School uniform is provided by Victoria 2 based in Walthamstow or Marks and Spencer’s online service. Please be advised that uniform purchased from other vendors is unofficial, may be of a lesser quality and be more expensive. and/or

We meet and greet our students on the gate every day to welcome them in. We also check that all students are equipped and ready to learn. If your son or daughter arrives in non-school items or without complete uniform we will contact you and we will expect uniform to be correct before they can enter the school site.

We believe that clarity on school uniform will make selection and purchase of uniform easier for parents as well. For further support, visual representations of the school uniform are on the school website.

We really appreciate your support in making these changes to ensure excellent standards of uniform for all of our students. If you have any queries or require any support in making the necessary changes, please contact your child’s relevant Head of Year.

Y10 Art Exam

28 June 2017

Year 10 Art Exam will take place on Monday 10th July and Tuesday 11th July 2017

Summer Activities

26 June 2017

Please see attached the following documents which may be useful for families:

  • Summer Activities programme 2017
  • Children Centre Timetables (Role Play document)
  • Parenting Programme timetable

Summer Holiday Activity Booklet_web

Walthamstow & Chingford timetable spring 2017

SUMMER TERM parenting

Leyton & Leytonstone timetable spring 2017

Early Help Partnership Newsletter Summer 2017 FINAL


Year 11 Study Leave

13 June 2017

Y11 study leave: Please note that Year 11 will commence study leave after their Maths exam today 13th June 2017. Year 11 students will only be required to come in to school for exams and scheduled revision sessions.


End of Year Mocks

30 May 2017

Timetables for the upcoming mock exams for years 7-10 are below

Year 10 Summer Mocks 2017

Year 9 Summer Mocks 2017

Year 8 Summer Mocks 2017

Year 7 Summer Mocks 2017

Staying Safe Online

22 May 2017

Staying safe online is always a challenge and can be a difficult one to tackle as a parent or a student. NSPCC has a guide to online bullying that may be useful for you as a parent or your children to read.


More information on safeguarding your child or yourself online is available on our Safeguarding page.

Year 7 Parents Evening

19 April 2017

On Wednesday 03rd May 2017, Leytonstone School is hosting year 7 parents’ evening from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. This evening is a fantastic opportunity to meet with your child’s class teachers and gain a deeper understanding of how they are progressing in school.

You can book appointments with your child’s teacher via our Parents Evening booking system available at

Support on how to book can be found here:

It is also a chance to find out what lies ahead for your child in Year 8 and to understand how we as a school will be supporting your child as well as finding out how you can support your child, academically and at home. It is essential that you attend. If you are unable to attend, please let us know so that we can schedule a daytime meeting with you.

School reports will be given out during parents’ evening. If you are unable to attend parents evening your child’s report will be posted out.

Easter Break Arrangements 2017

29 March 2017

As we approach the end of term, I would like to clarify arrangements for the end of term and start of the summer term.

School will end at 1.20pm on Friday 31st March. Those students who would like a school lunch are welcome to collect a packed lunch from the restaurant.

This will be a non-uniform day for Year 11 as they raise money for the school prom.

School will restart on Tuesday 18th April. A reminder that Monday 17th April is a bank holiday.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a restful Easter break.

Letter to Parents: Easter break