Welcome to Leytonstone School's BBC School Report page!

Leytonstone School are taking part in this year's BBC School Report project on 27th March 2014! Click the links below to read this year's news stories.

Outrage as Danish Zoo Kills Four Healthy Lions by Sofia

Hoard of stolen Nazi art by Amy

Death Dilemma, Tragedy hits the Hunger Games by Samantha

A hospital full of filth! by Naailah

Flight MH370 missing by Hassan

Flappy Bird removed from app stores. Flappy Bird has stopped flapping!By Zain

Setting Up for Strictly – Countdown to the Dance by Lester and Samantha

Teachers Strike Disrupts Thousands of Schools by Maureen

Russian Militants ‘Violating Ukraine’s Sovereignty’ by Lester

Should Capital punishment be the last resort? by Patricia

The Leytonstone School Rebuild by Bilaal

Minecraft gamer’s YouTube hit more popular than Bieber? by Imtiyaaz

Sniff for love - The Chemistry behind the Feelings by Sofia and Amy

The Hillsborough Disaster by Paige

Equal Opportunities: Interview with Deputy Head by Naailah