Our vision is to create a lifelong alumni association that gives every young learner at Leytonstone School the opportunity to engage with former students as a tool to help build confidence, awareness and motivation. Through this network we hope to make our current students aware of the opportunities available to them after leaving Leytonstone School.

Mission Statement 

Leytonstone School Alumni Association aims to create a community that celebrates the achievements and experiences of former students. Our past students work in a variety of different fields creating, researching and developing to build a better future for us all. The Leytonstone School Alumni Association hopes to draw on the wealth of knowledge, experience and influence from past students to inspire and inform our current students and the school. We hope to establish alumni events, programmes and initiatives that allow our former students to maintain their relationship with the school whilst giving back to the school community. 

We look forward to seeing the positive impact hearing about the life experiences, career paths and accomplishments of our alumni has on current students. We also hope to work with our alumni on projects, establish essential fundraising initiatives and to develop an effective mentoring scheme to guide, inspire and develop our students. Leytonstone’s character and ethos has been shaped and developed by our alumni over generations and we celebrate the rich diversity of the school community, both past and present. We hope to work together, hand-in-hand, to secure the very best future for the school and its students. 


  • Mentoring – 1 to 1 with occasional group sessions focused on a particular topic. Frequency: Monthly or Fortnightly 
  • Reading – literacy help, engagement
  • Career talks and workshops Assemblies / Networking – careers, challenges
  • Careers Day – i.e. Business enterprise activities, mock interview day
  • Work experience – one day taster, spring week internship
  • Fundraising – helping with work experience, trips/ experiences – cultural capital, duke of Edinburgh

Initial Target audience – Mentoring selection criteria

Please see the selection criteria that have been used to select suitable pupils for the mentoring programme. Note: Pupils are not required to meet all of the selection criteria; the aim is to have a diverse mentee group.  

  • Year 9 students
  • Pupil premium
  • Students that are currently not engaged with a (poor attitude to learning)
  • Underperforming high attaining students
  • Ethnic Minorities 
  • Females