Easter Newsletter

05 April 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

please find attached Leytonstone Schools Easter Newsletter

Newsletter Easter 19

Easter Expectations

05 April 2019

Dear Parent or Carer,

Firstly, can I take this opportunity wish all of our students and their families and happy and restful holiday.

In the main, we believe Leytonstone pupils to have high standard of behaviour. However, as we reach the final term of this academic year, it is important that we keep these standards high. To ensure all pupils are clear on our expectations, we will be taking extra steps to ensure that:

  • Pupil behaviour in the corridors and playground is calm and orderly, with pupils walking independently on the left and talking at a reasonable volume.
  • Lesson time is learning time, and no pupil leaves the classroom unnecessarily. They must have a pink slip when out of the classroom during lesson time. Pupils should bring a water bottle to school if they wish to drink water during lesson time; they will not be allowed out of lessons to get water. Toilet breaks in lessons should be avoided where possible, and pupils should aim to use the toilet at break and lunch time, unless they have a medical pass.
  • We are a no-mobile-phone or headphones school. If you wish your child to have a phone for the journey to school or after school, they must switch it off and put it in their bag when they arrive at the gate. Headphones must also be in bags, and visible headphones will be confiscated using the same system we use for phones. We recommend that phones and headphones, and other electronics, are left at home.

Please discuss the issues above with your child to ensure they are ready for a successful start to the new term. We would like to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure the best outcomes for our children.